While the Jersey Shore is known far and wide for its 130 miles of beaches, boardwalks and vibrant ocean side towns its also home to some of the best surfing on the East Coast.


From Sandy Hook to Cape May surfers will find plenty of good waves and a great time. New Jersey’s prime surfing season occurs during the fall months, during the state’s “second summer.” While air temperatures can be cooler than summer, the ocean usually remains warm through October.


Excellent fall surfing is the result of the Atlantic Ocean’s hurricane season, which increases ocean swells. Although fall is the best surfing season, summer, winter and spring draw surfers to beaches up and down New Jersey’s coast.


Summer affords good surfing opportunities with surfers frequenting many Shore towns like Atlantic City, Manasquan, Ocean City, Seaside Heights, Atlantic City and Wildwood to name a few. With the proper gear, winter produces satisfactory waves that result from North Atlantic storms.


And with the beaches deserted surfers have virtually unrestricted access. While early spring still requires fullsuits to ward off the cold ocean temperatures, there is still plenty of surfing activity at the Jersey Shore coastline.


Grab a board and enjoy all the surfing opportunities New Jersey has to offer. For more information, including selected surf reports, visit


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