New Jersey Wineries

Unionville Winery

New Jersey Wineries

A Garden State Taste Treasure


Wineries can thank New Jersey’s gentle winds and fruitful soil for contributing to the delicate process of producing high-quality wines.


Year after year, more than 30 New Jersey wineries produce exceptional, award-winning wines in the Garden State.


Plan a day to tour several wineries on the unrivaled New Jersey Wine Trails located throughout the state.


Enjoy the sights off the beaten path at one of the "wine trails" established by the Garden State Wine Growers Association.


Whether you crave a delicate, crisp Pinot Grigio or an intense, full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon, the Garden State’s pastoral vineyards produce a distinctive vintage sure to satisfy any palette.


In a New York Times article ("What's Red and White And Made in New Jersey?"), wine writer Kevin M. Atticks stated, "These days, if you go into a wine shop and blindly grab a California wine, your chances of getting something mildly unpleasant are greater than if you pick up a wine from New Jersey."


To bolster the attributes of the state’s wine, New Jersey in 1999 instituted the Quality Wine Alliance Program (QWA) that insures that all wines sold to consumers meet set quality standards. Those efforts paid off in 2010 when New Jersey wineries won dozens of state, national and international awards for their wines.


New Jersey wines must pass a rigorous review process before they earn the coveted QWA designation.


Wines submitted to the prestigious New Jersey Commercial Wine competition are reviewed by an independent review board consisting of certified wine judges, wine editors, wine distributors, liquor store owners and experienced wine reviewers.


Each wine is sampled to judge its quality. Wines that meet or exceed the rigorous review process are awarded the QWA designation.

The end result is better wines for consumers. 


See the list of New Jersey wineries.


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