15 Little-Known Facts About the NJ Shore

Even the most seasoned beachgoers may be surprised to learn some of these interesting truths about the beaches and towns that make up New Jersey’s 130 miles of captivating coastline. So, here we go. See how many of these unique bits of Jersey Shore trivia you know.

  1. In 1943, the New York Yankees held their spring baseball training in the trendy New Jersey shore town of Asbury Park, at a newly constructed field at Asbury Park High School instead of Florida. Jersey scores big with everyone! For more on fun spectator sports in NJ, check out this fan-tastic line-up.

  2. Magnificent Margate is known to many as the home of Lucy the Elephant, but this sunny beach town is officially Margate City and was originally known as South Atlantic City. Love Lucy? Visit her and then get to know real elephants at NJ’s amazing zoos.Elephant statue

  3. Legend has it that pirate Captain William Kidd left treasure buried somewhere in the sands of Cape May. In fact, the Victorian-inspired seaside town hosts a Captain Kidd Treasure Hunt every year. You can find endless rare treasures in Lambertville, the “Antiques Capitol of New Jersey.”Beach with tents in Cape May, New Jersey

  4. In 2005, Fox briefly aired a television show called Point Pleasant, based on the small coastal New Jersey town and a series of supernatural events that began after the arrival of a mysterious teenage girl. Super-fun comes naturally at Jenkinson’s Boardwalk – an all-time family favorite.Swing ride in motion, at Point Pleasant Boardwalk, in Point Pleasant, New Jersey

  5. Avalon, regarded as “Cooler by a Mile” because it juts out into the Atlantic Ocean about a mile farther than other barrier islands, was named after the mythical, magical town in the Legend of King Arthur. For real-life summer experiences you won’t want to miss, click here.

  6. Sara the Turtle is the official mascot of Sea Isle City. Turtle X-ing signs throughout the town warn drivers of diamondback terrapins emerging from surrounding marshlands in search of ideal nesting sites. See diamondback terrapins and over 15,000 other aquatic animals at Adventure Aquarium.Turtle swimming in aquarium tank at Adventure Aquarium, in Camden New Jersey

  7. Named one of The 10 Best Beach Towns on the East Coast by Condé Nast Traveler, Cape May was named after Dutch captain Cornelius Jacobson Mey. Due to a misspelling on the original paperwork, Cape Mey became the Cape May we know and love today. For exciting ways to escape near this one-of-a-kind Jersey “cape,” click here.

  8. One of New Jersey’s coziest coastal regions, Brigantine is named after the numerous shipwrecks that occurred in the area, many of which were brigantines - a sailing vessel from the 1600s. Jersey’s calm waterways are positively paddle-perfect! Take a look at these cool places to kayak and canoe.

  9. Whether you zoomed around the board as the thimble or the race car, the properties on the original Monopoly board were inspired by actual streets in the oceanside gaming resort of Atlantic City. See the oh-so-many ways AC will win your heart this summer here.

  10. The “Original” Ron Jon Surf Shop was opened by Ron DiMenna on Long Beach Island in 1961. DiMenna, who shaped surfboards as a pastime, began selling surfboards out of his tiny shop. Now much larger, the shop remains one of the most famous landmarks at the Jersey Shore. Catch your wave at some of the top surfing hotspots in NJ.

  11. The Wildwoods have the largest collection of “Doo-Wop” commercial architecture in the U.S. Colorful and playful, this nod to 50s and 60s Americana is a must-see piece of pop-culture visitors flock to yearly. Go wild and see all that’s new in Jersey – Wildwood too!A sign that read "Doo Wop Diner", in front of the Doo Wop Diner, in Wildwood, New Jersey

  12. The very first Miss America Pageant was held in 1921 In Atlantic City. It was originally created to attract tourists to the city over Labor Day Weekend. The winner was Margaret Gorman, Miss Washington D.C. Get your calendar ready – there’s plenty of summer events that that’ll wow you in Jersey.

  13. Ocean City, known for over 85 years as “America’s Greatest Family Resort” was originally called Peck’s Beach and was primarily a place people went to fish and let their cattle graze. If you’re hungry for thrill rides, funnel cake and fun, get your fill with these Ocean City to-dos.

  14. The remains of the S.S. Atlantus, one of 12 concrete ships built during World War I, can be seen at Sunset Beach. This quiet shore is also known for an abundance of polished-by-the-sea pure quartz crystals known as Cape May “diamonds.” Another dazzling display (and one of Jersey’s great day trips!) is viewing Cape May’s Painted Ladies in all their Victorian architecture and charm.

  15. Bruce Springsteen’s “E Street Band” is derived from “E” Street in Belmar, as the band practiced at the original keyboardist’s home in this coastal town during their pre-fame years. If live performances strike a chord with you, you won’t want to miss our article on outstanding Jersey concert venues.

It’s a fact – we can’t wait to meet you! These are just a few of the places you can walk the boards, collect shells, view history and sink your toes in the sand along the beautiful Jersey Shore. Explore more and access your free official travel guide to get started on your NJ getaway.