• Thanksgiving turkey
    credit: Getty Images/LauriPatterson

Farm-Fresh Thanksgiving Turkey

When your friends and family gather around the dinner table this Thanksgiving, serve up dishes made with fresh, locally sourced, all-natural ingredients directly from “Jersey Fresh” farms. Throughout the state, you’ll find an array of farms offering fresh turkey, as well as produce, pies and more. Here are some must-shop spots for your main dish.  

Skylands Region

  • In Mount Olive, stop by the year-round farm store at Ashley Farms, a fourth-generation family farm where you can pick up a turkey that was raised right on the farm and fed freshly ground corn and soybean feed made onsite. The farm store also offers just-baked pies in a variety of flavors, including apple caramel walnut, pumpkin, pecan and cherry crumb.
  • Lima Family Farms in Hillsborough also offers a year-round farm store, where you can pick up a pasture-raised turkey that was fed non-GMO and local grain, as well as fresh produce such as carrots, potatoes, winter squash and more.

Gateway Region

  • At Goffle Road Poultry Farm in Wyckoff, get your free-roaming, preservative-free, hormone-free, all-natural turkey, and be sure to pick up some farm-fresh eggs while you’re there too for your Thanksgiving weekend breakfasts.
  • Dey Farm at Oliveira Acres in Cranbury offers farm-fresh turkeys, just-laid eggs, jars of golden honey with the comb, and plenty of produce for your holiday meal. 

Delaware River Region

  • DiPaola Turkey Farm has been providing fresh, local products since 1948. Stop by the farm store in Hamilton to pick up your turkey, and while you’re there, stock up on other meat products, from breakfast patties to Italian sausage. 
  • Beloved for their “poultry, pies and prepared foods,” Griggstown Farm in Princeton is a one-stop shop for all kinds of Thanksgiving delights: turkey, side dishes, pies and more.

Shore Region

  • Stock up on all-things-turkey at Hincks Turkey Farm in Manasquan, where fresh turkeys, turkey pot pie, turkey meat loaves, turkey chili and much more are all available. Want to serve up something truly unique for your Thanksgiving dinner? This local farm also offers Turducken Breast: a boneless chicken breast in a boneless duck breast in a boneless turkey breast, with jambalaya stuffing between each layer.

Greater Atlantic City Region

  • You don’t have to go all the way to a farm to buy a locally raised, farm-fresh turkey. Bonterra Market in Egg Harbor carries an array of locally grown, seasonal, organic products. Pick up everything you need for your holiday feast, from gourmet cheeses to organic vegetables to organic turkey.

Southern Shore Region

  • At Green Street Market in Rio Grande, place your orders for organic Thanksgiving sides—from soup to stuffing and more—and pick up a free-range, organic turkey. (You can even have the chef brine your turkey for you, making Thanksgiving dinner prep that much easier.) This healthy market also carries a large selection of organic and locally grown produce, perfect for stocking up on everything you could need for the holidays.
  • The market at Beach Plum Farm in Cape May offers pasture-raised Broad Breasted Bronze turkeys on a limited, first-come, first-served basis, so be sure to call Christina Albert (833-327-6268) to reserve your turkey in time for your Thanksgiving feast. (Orders must be received two weeks before Thanksgiving.)