Iconic New Jersey Foods

Try these signature New Jersey foods.

New Jersey may be known as the Diner Capital of the World, but it’s also famous for an all-star lineup of mouthwatering signature dishes. Try these only-in-New-Jersey eats next time you visit.


Like a sandwich on overdrive, these hoagies (or sub sandwiches, as they’re known up north) are piled high with meats such as cappicola, prosciutto and soppressata, as well cheeses, tomatoes, onions, peppers, herbs, oils and more.

Try one here: Carmen’s Deli, 42 E. Browning Rd., Bellmawr, NJ

Hot Dogs 

Italian Hot Dog

These signature hot dogs are fried in oil, served on a quarter of a large roll of Italian “pizza” bread and topped with sautéed onions, peppers and potatoes.

Try one here: Jimmy Buff’s, 506 Kenilworth Blvd., Kenilworth, NJ and 60 Washington St., West Orange, NJ


After being deep-fried in hot oil, these classic dogs rip open on the ends (hence the name), or at the very least, blister to a slightly crunchy, firm texture.

Try one here: Rutt’s Hut, 417 River Rd., Clifton, NJ

Texas Weiner

Nope, these sauce-slathered hot dogs have nothing to do with Texas. They originated in Paterson, New Jersey, where the hot dog was deep-fried and smothered in a Greek meat sauce (think: something resembling chili) made with cayenne, cumin, cinnamon and allspice. Go above and beyond by ordering it “all the way,” which means more toppings: spicy mustard and raw onions.

Try one here: Manny's Texas Weiners, 2580 Springfield Ave., Union, NJ

Pork Roll

If you’ve never heard of a New Jersey pork roll, you’re missing out. Created by John Taylor back in 1856, this pork-based meat product is typically sliced and pan-fried or grilled, then used in a breakfast sandwich with eggs and cheese.

Try one here: White Rose Diner, 1301 E. Elizabeth Ave., Linden, NJ

Salt Water Taffy

Have you ever wondered: what is salt water taffy? Well, it’s mostly a mix of sugar, cornstarch and corn syrup (no, salt water taffy ingredients do not actually include salt water), and in New Jersey, it’s been a longtime tradition along the boardwalks. Choose from traditional flavors like chocolate and vanilla, or go for something wild like bubblegum, blue raspberry or molasses mint.

Try some here: Shriver’s, 9th Street and Boardwalk, Ocean City, NJ

Tomato Pie

Home to both the second- and oldest-operating tomato pie restaurants in the country, Trenton is the place to have a slice. Here, the pizza is built a bit differently: first comes the thinly stretched dough, followed by crushed garlic, then grated mozzarella, followed by the tomato sauce (made from imported Italian tomatoes) and toppings.

Try one here: De Lorenzo’s Tomato Pies, 2530 Rt. 33, Robbinsville, NJ