Druffins from the Brownie Points Bakery in Summit

New Jersey Sweets

With the onset of fall comes the sweet smell of apple pies and pumpkin treats galore. One-of-a-kind desserts can be found throughout New Jersey with a range of seasonal offerings guaranteed to satisfy any sweet tooth. Mouthwatering cupcakes, ice creams, pies and cakes are just some of the must-try desserts offered throughout New Jersey’s best-known bakeries and sweet spots.

While in northern New Jersey, make your way to Brownie Points Bakery in Summit. Known for their cupcakes and “duffins” – a doughnut-muffin hybrid that comes in flavors like cinnamon sugar and raspberry – Brownie Points also serves the best seasonal pies each fall. Peach, plum and apple-pear-raspberry are just a few of their seasonal featured flavors for customers to enjoy during the fall season.

The B&W Bakery in Hackensack may be crowded, but let that be a testament to its outstanding selection of sweets and other goodies. You may want to begin with their famous crumb cake, which is baked fresh daily and holds its own any time of year with its perfect streusel-to-crumb topping.

You may be tempted to visit Holsten’s Brookdale Confectionery after seeing it appear on The Sopranos, but don’t make that the only reason for your visit. The family-owned Holsten’s in Bloomfield has long been known for its delicious sweets. The menu boasts a variety of desserts to choose from, including house-made chocolates, fudge, and over fifteen flavors of homemade ice cream. Also be sure to taste seasonal favorites, such as their pumpkin ice cream, which is available throughout the fall.

As you make your way into central Jersey, be sure to stop by The Bent Spoon in Princeton. Known for their ice creams and sorbets, there are no traditional flavors here. With hundreds of flavors in regular rotation, you can expect to find an array of unique combinations like bourbon with caramel and sea salt, earl grey tea, as well as other seasonal flavors specific to this time of year. Featuring “good ingredients” that are local and organic, no wonder you will usually find a line stretching out the door.

Last, but certainly not least, make your way to the southern shore to visit Bread and Cheese Cupboard. Located in Stone Harbor, the Cupboard offers a variety of goods, including a variety of sticky buns, breads, donuts, scones, pies, cakes, cookies and more. Best of all is when they bring out seasonal treats, featuring their pumpkin cupcakes and apple pies.