Top Things To Do At Six Flags Great Adventure

For 50 years, New Jersey’s largest amusement park has been wowing families with thrill rides that take your breath away, family fun and so much more. To help make the most of your visit, we’re highlighting the top things to do at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson

Get Your Thrills
By far, Kingda Ka is the planet’s reigning rollercoaster – holding the titles as the world’s tallest and North America’s fastest. It’s an experience to buckle up for as you go from 0 to 128 miles per hour in 3.5 seconds to rocket 456 feet up before shooting straight down into a 270-degree spiral. Gather your courage before hopping in line because this ride is not for the faint of heart.

Speaking of daring descents, you’ll find Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom built into Kingda Ka’s structure. Here’s what you’ll experience: Boarding a gondola that zooms 415 feet in the air in just 30 seconds. Before your brain has time to process that astronomical ascent, you’re plunging at 90 miles per hour for 10 seconds.

With a name like El Toro (translation: the bull), this is one wooden coaster you’ll need to grab by the horns! And coaster connoisseurs have taken notice, bestowing this 70 miles per hour, 4,400-foot-long beast with a #1 USA Today 10 Best Award (2022), Amusement Today Golden Ticket Award (2017) and #1 Wooden Coaster in the World ranking by the 2011 Internet Coaster Poll.

During your park visit, don’t miss out on this additional trio of legendary coasters: Nitro (top speed = 80 miles per hour, elevation = 230 feet), Medusa (top speed = 60 miles per hour, elevation = 142 feet) and Jersey Devil Coaster (top speed = 58 miles per hour, elevation = 130 feet).

Feel Heroic (or Villainous!)
Six Flags Great Adventure also showcases thrill rides inspired by DC Comics characters. Unveiled for 2024 is The Flash: Vertical Velocity – this “super boomerang coaster” is the first of its kind in North America. Named for the famously fast superhero, the ride speeds upside down almost 100 feet off the ground and features a 180-degree twisted drop followed by a Zero-G roll.

Only a clown-faced bad guy could bring the chaotic ride that is The Joker. This free-flying-and-falling coaster is a 4-D experience delivering unexpected head-over-heel drops with no track above or below to give you even a sliver of security.

The Joker

The one question you have to ask yourself before boarding the Green Lantern is, “Can I stand it?” Because you have to. Stand, that is. Fully upright, you’ll travel 63 (silky smooth) miles per hour into a 144-foot drop, 121-foot loop and more surprises along 4,155 feet of track.

Are you brave enough to tackle Superman: Ultimate Flight? This innovative coaster of steel will have you flying (yes, actually flying – face down and head first!) at speeds up to 60 miles per hour.

Rounding out the DC Comics collection of thrill rides are The Dark Knight Coaster, Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth, justice League: Battle for Metropolis, BATMAN: The Ride, CYBORG: Cyber Spin and HARLEY QUINN Crazy Train.

Lasso of Truth

Get Wet & Wild
Be sure to wear clothes you don’t mind taking a soaking when you hop board Congo Rapids and Saw Mill Log Flume. For a full waterpark immersion during summer’s hottest days, you’ll want to buy a ticket for Six Flags Hurricane Harbor as well. Prefer wild to wet? The park’s beloved Wild Safari Off-Road Adventure returns in 2024.

Bucket Dump

Wow The Little Ones
For kiddos that aren’t quite hitting the height requirements for the park’s big thrill rides, strap them into the Lil’ Devil Coaster, Sky Zooma and Storm Chaser. Ready to take the fun to new heights for the whole family? Get in line for the Giant Wheel and Skyway Frontier Adventures. Of course, no amusement park visit is complete without a whimsical whirl around the Carousel.

Exercise Spin Control
Not a rides kind of person? Be sure to consult the park’s entertainment calendar so you don’t miss out on live shows and meet-and-greet sessions with your favorite cast of characters. And mark your own calendar for special events hosted throughout the season. All are sure to knock your socks off – even as you keep your feet planted firmly on the ground.

From burgers and chicken fingers to funnel cakes and frozen treats, Six Flags Great Adventure is full of fast and fun places to eat and drink so you can stay fueled up throughout your visit. You also have the opportunity to shop ‘til you drop at themed gift stores. Take home the swag and merch that will help you remember the great adventure you had at the park!

Play It Smart
Six Flags Great Adventure offers plenty of tools to help you navigate your adventures in adrenaline, starting with their detailed park map. Savvy strategizers will also want to take advantage of a third-party online crowd calendar to pick a not-so-busy day to visit. Can’t take the wait for the park’s most popular rides? Consider adding a Flash Pass to your daily ticket or season pass purchase. If someone in your party has a disability, we recommend checking out the park’s Safety & Accessibility Guide.

Extend The Good Times
At this point, you must be thinking, “There are just too many things to do at Six Flags Great Adventure to fit into one day!” That’s true. Fortunately, there are plenty of campgrounds and hotels near the park to grab a good night’s sleep before getting right back at it the next day.

For families that want to turn a great adventure into a grand adventure, a stay in Savannah Sunset Resort & Spa (opening 2024) will provide the ultimate safari glamping experience in a custom luxury tent with roaming giraffes mere feet from your accommodations.

Before hopping in your car and heading to Six Flags Great Adventure, be sure to check out the park’s official website for the latest visitation details. For future vacation inspiration, we encourage you to download our free travel guide and sign up for our e-newsletter.