Thrilling Rides in New Jersey

Ready to chase some pulse-pounding excitement this summer? Check out our lineup of the most daring roller coaster or thrill ride at each amusement park and pier up and down the state, then get ready for an adrenaline rush you’ll never, ever forget!

Three-Way Tie: Kingda Ka, Jersey Devil and The Joker
Six Flags Great Adventure & Safari, Jackson
Always an innovator in the next big thing, it would be an injustice to name just one top thrill ride at this amusement park. So here are our three picks: The 456-foot-high Kingda Ka (video). Jersey Devil – the world’s longest and fastest single-rail coaster (video). And The Joker, a 4-D, free-fly roller coaster with no conventional track above or below (video).

Playland’s Castaway Cove, Ocean City
This rollicking roller coaster will blow you away with its impressive features. Get launched upward at 64 miles per hour as you fly 125 feet into the sky and feel the excitement as you plummet down a beyond-90-degree drop. Of course, this ride has a few more heart-in-your-throat surprises in store – check out this video for a front seat point of view.

Shore Shot
Casino Pier & Breakwater Beach Waterpark, Seaside Heights
Soar straight up into the air at thrilling speeds when you ride the Shore Shot, a vertical ride that propels you 125 feet up at 45 miles per hour, then drops you back down for that signature positive and negative G-force experience. (Be sure to watch the video.)

Gillian’s Wonderland Pier, Ocean City
Can’t decide between swinging with the wind whipping through your hair and spinning until you feel butterflies fluttering in your belly? Do both on the Frisbee at Gillian’s Wonderland Pier. Check out the spectacle of this thrill ride’s colors and lights in this video.

Keansburg Amusement Park & Runaway Rapids Water Park, Keansburg
If you’re looking for a predictable ride, do NOT climb aboard Chaos. Every moment is a surprise as you rock, roll, twist and turn in your car attached to a spinning, levitating disk. Don’t believe us? Take a look at this point-of-view video.

Great Nor’Easter
Morey’s Piers & Beachfront Waterparks, Wildwood
With a smoother ride and higher speeds (not to mention a toe-curling 95-foot drop), this refurbished ride will wow any coaster connoisseur. Feel the anticipation build as the train slowly clicks up the suspended track in this video delivering the perfect storm of thrill rides.

Steel Pier, Atlantic City
Flip, dip and swish aboard Mix. Once you’re strapped into your cage, all bets are off as you find yourself right-side-up then suddenly upside-down as you are hurled high above the boardwalk and out over the ocean. Get in the Mix and experience the ride virtually in this video.

Jenkinson’s Boardwalk, Point Pleasant Beach
You’ll be flung up, up and away on this pendulum-style thrill ride that combines swinging and spinning motions to deliver 360-degree boardwalk views. Need a sneak peek of the always-popular Pendolo? You’ll find it in this video

Bubbles the Coaster
Storybook Land, Egg Harbor Township
Little ones don’t have to miss out on big fun at this theme park built for kids. Excitement seekers 36 inches and taller can ride on this dragon roller coaster as it flies through the air for an age-appropriate adventure. Riding with a first-timer? Show your seatmate this helpful thrill-by-thrill video.

Scream Machine 360
Land of Make BelieveHope
This extreme thrill ride will have you screaming every which way, as you spin, turn and go feet-over-head – even hovering upside-down at the top for what feels like an eternity! Think you can handle the screams of your fellow riders (or yourself)? Check out this video to be sure.

If this sky-high list is making your head spin with too many possibilities, don’t worry. Our 3-Day Amusement Park Road Trip itinerary has your visit already planned out day-by-day – complete with places to stay and where to go if it rains. As always, we recommend visiting the official websites or social media pages of the amusement parks you plan to enjoy before heading out the door so your only surprises are ride-induced spills and chills!