Weird and Wacky: 5 Unique Attractions in New Jersey

Go off the beaten path with these unusual and unique attractions in New Jersey.

Lucy the Elephant in Margate


Less than six miles from Atlantic City, Margate is a popular oceanfront town with kayaking, surfing and the world’s largest elephant. Yes, you read that right. The iconic Lucy the Elephant is a historic 65-foot elephant-shaped building constructed in 1881. It has since been designated a National Historic Landmark. Lucy the Elephant features a gift shop inside, as well as a covered balcony atop, offering sweeping views of the adjacent beach.


Friar Mountain Model Railroad Museum in Sparta


Love trains? Love miniature attractions? Then you won’t want to miss the Friar Mountain Model Railroad Museum in northern New Jersey. With more than 100 handmade buildings setting the scene for these small, historic model trains, the level of detail in these tiny towns is truly astonishing.


Rainbow Tunnel in Ogdensburg


Go on a glow-in-the-dark journey through the fluorescent Rainbow Tunnel, a subterranean zinc ore passageway that is part of the Sterling Hill Mining Museum. As the fourth oldest mine museum and the last working underground mine in New Jersey, this exciting attraction combines history, geology and sightseeing into one thrilling adventure.


Mighty Joe the Gorilla in Shamong


In rural Shamong, you might expect to do some fishing or hiking, but who would have thought it’s also the home of a colossal gorilla? A painted fiberglass statue, this oversized character named Mighty Joe makes for the perfect (and unexpected) photo opportunity, just off the US Highway 206.


Pirate Voyages in Ocean City 


Get ready to don an eye patch and a pirate hat during a swashbuckling adventure aboard a custom-made sea vessel, the Sea Dragon. This boating tour offered by Pirate Voyages features storytelling, water cannons and a secret map.