Cream Ridge

Cream Ridge, located in Upper Freehold Township, is a tranquil destination set in beautiful Monmouth County.

The destination is home to two scenic 18-hole golf courses, Gambler Ridge Golf Course and Cream Ridge Golf Course

Crosswicks Creek Park is open daily to visitors and offers trail hiking, canoeing, kayaking and fishing throughout the park. The community is home to other picturesque parks in the area including, Walnford Park, Clayton Park and Crosswick Creek Stream Vall.

Cream Ridge Winery maintains an iconic presence after 26 years of collective involvement within the township. The winery hosts various events which include vineyard tours, wine tastings and even yoga classes among the aged vines that continue to yield such delicious varietals.

The rural landscape and lush, rolling hillsides are home to some of the most exquisite equestrian stables and grounds in the state. The township is a prime location for taking in a horse race or watching a national equine show.

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