The pristine City of Garfield is situated along the Passaic and Saddle Rivers in Bergen County.

The is home to more than 30,000 residents and maintains numerous parks and playgrounds within the city limits. Danhert’s Lake County Park, Columbus Park and 20th Century Park are natural gems nestled in the community.

River Drive along the Passaic offers travelers an intimate view of the waterway which includes the historic Dundee Dam.

The Venetian, along River Drive, is accentuated by meticulous landscaping, water features, Italian stonework and natural privacy. Green foliage of the gardens soften the hard lines and details of the Tuscan inspired structure. The catering and special events venue is a renown destination for weddings throughout the state.

The century-old Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church of the Three Saints is a prominent and exquisite structure within Garfield. The golden domes, intricate masonry work and elevated location make the church one of the most photographed destinations in the city. 

Another popular attraction in the community is “The Octagon House.” The unique architecture of the early 20th century home peaks curiosity from onlookers traveling through town. 

The city is also home to numerous retail locations, boutiques, antique shops, department stores and service businesses. Various restaurants are sprinkled throughout the city and serve delectable fare to curb any craving.

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