Constructed in Lighthouse Hill overlooking Sandy Hook Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, lies the beautiful, coastal community of Highlands.

This quaint, maritime population is flanked by Highlands Reach and Sandy Hook Bay. The waterways offer numerous marinas and dock locations for recreational boaters, sports fisherman and the Seastreak ferry service.

The Twin Lights, which were originally constructed in 1828 and rebuilt in 1862, are a popular historic landmark that offers tours

Along the shoreline are a myriad of shopping and dining options. One of the most popular locations to secure a line and grab a bite to eat is Bahrs Landing Seafood Restaurant and Marina. The iconic business has been a staple in Highlands since 1917 and is renowned for their clam chowder.

If you would prefer to cook your own meal, the Lusty Lobster seafood market has an extensive collection of fresh and delectable seafood to please the palate of any dinner guest.

Recreation within the community is as abundant as the clams in the nearby waterways. Visitors can take leisurely boat rides, charter a fishing trip or rent bicycles and peddle their way down the coastline.

Sandy Hook, a 1,665-acre barrier peninsula in Highlands, is constructed of pristine beaches that span seven-miles. This prominent location has been providing residents, and visitors, with a lifetime of memories that have been forged in the sand over generations.

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