New Brunswick

At some point during your visit, you may hear an enthusiastic “Go, Scarlet Knights!” New Brunswick is the home of Rutgers University, the state university of New Jersey and its sports teams, which have been making big news in college sports.

But that’s nothing new – the city was the location of the country’s first intercollegiate football game, Rutgers versus Princeton, in 1869. The town’s extensive history dates back to pre-Revolutionary times. Download the Historic Downtown Walking Tour Map to visit buildings from the 1740s through the turn of the 19th century.

There’s sophisticated entertainment and dining in New Brunswick, too. Catch just about any kind of production you could imagine at the dynamic New Brunswick Performing Arts Center - member companies include American Repertory Ballet, Crossroads Theatre Company and George Street Playhouse. In the 15-block downtown area, dozens of restaurants compete for your palate, among them the award-winning Frog and Peach.