Pine Barrens

The Pine Barrens, also known as the Pinelands, is an enormous and all-encompassing tract of open space that covers 1.1 million acres, or 22 percent of New Jersey's land area.

Visitors to the Pinelands can explore old, abandoned towns, see the restored Batsto Village or hike the numerous wooded trails. 

There are endless opportunities for boating, cycling, canoeing, fishing, hiking, hunting and horseback riding. Check into one of the many campgrounds and explore the Pinelands. 
Although the Pine Barrens envelop a number of interesting towns, if you want to experience the other worldly beauty of the quiet, pine-filled forests, you’ll want to participate in an activity that gets you close to the natural world.
Kayaking or canoeing down the rivers that run through the area is popular, as is hiking the trails that traverse the region. 
The sandy soil that makes the Pine Barrens unique protects a natural aquifer, resulting in a number of waterways.
Top canoeing and kayaking spots for novices and experts alike include the Mullica River and two of its tributaries, the Batsto and Wading rivers. 
The sandy roads and cedar swamps of the Pine Barrens also make for particularly interesting hiking.
There are trails of all lengths, including the Batona Trail, which runs for 49.5 miles through three state forests.