Garden State Aviation Museums

New Jersey' aviation museums pay tribute to the incredible machines that gave us wings and the brave pilots who flew them in times of war and peace.

From memorabilia dating back to the Wright Brothers era to modern jet fighter aircraft, the rich and noble history of the state's aviation past offer visitors a close-up view of our aeronautical history.


Naval Air Station Wildwood Aviation Museum (NASW)

NASW was commissioned on April 1, 1943, and was the site of an active dive-bomber squadron training facility from 1943 - 1945. Aircraft stationed at the base include the TBM Avenger, McDonnell Douglas Dauntless, Vought Corsair and Curtiss Helldivers. During the course of training, 42 noble airmen died. NASW features nearly 20 aircraft and displays military memorabilia, including engines, photographs and interactive exhibits. In addition to its historical displays, the NASW Foundation routinely hosts activities and events that include fly-ins, aviation festivals, big band concerts, historical lectures, school field trips and senior tours. The museum is housed in the 92,000-square-foot, wooden hanger 1 that the Foundation purchased in 1997 and has since been renovated. 


Aviation Hall of Fame Museum

Founded in 1972, the Aviation Hall of Fame Museum is dedicated to the preservation of the Garden State's distinguished decades old aviation and space heritage. The men and women whose outstanding aeronautical achievements have brought worldwide recognition to the state are enshrined in the Hall of Fame. Visitors can view historic air and space equipment, artifacts, photography, fine art and an extensive model collection. The museum library houses more than 4,000 volumes of aviation videotapes. The museum also contains a number of unique exhibits including the rocket engine that propelled the X-15 to incredible speed and altitude records, as well as the first American hovercraft invented by Charles Fletcher. There's also, helicopters and a newly restored OV1 Grumman Mohawk. The facility also offers educational programs for individuals or groups where participants learn history and science plus a "Dare to Fly" program for children ages 7 to 15. 


Millville Army Air Field Museum

The Millville Army Air Field Museum, coined "America's First Defense Airport" by the US War Department in 1941, honors the 10,000 men and women that served at the base. The Museum also pays homage to the 1,500 pilots who received advanced fighter training in the P-47 Thunderbolt and the P-40 Warhawk fighter planes, while honoring the memory of 14 pilots that gave the ultimate sacrifice during training. Within the museum, visitors can enjoy a large collection of WWII aviation artifacts of local and national interest. Programs and tours focus on educating the community about Millville's vital role in aviation history. Expanded displays include items of interest from the Korean and Vietnam Wars and there are air shows and static displays of vintage aircraft. 


Air Victory Museum

The Air Victory Museum has a unique collection of aircraft, military and civilian artifacts, memorabilia and models that help to create an interactive and educational experience for visitors. Programs, classes and free flights introduce aviation to visitors and are presented in a hands-on environment. Air Victory Museum is home to a number of historic aircraft including a McDonnell Douglas A-4C Skyhawk, F-4A Phantom II, and a Grumman F-14A Tomcat. Visitors can also examine engines, uniforms, vehicles and other memorabilia from the first powered flight on Dec. 17, 1903, to the present. Museum volunteers are constantly crafting new and exciting exhibits while maintaining and preserving their collection of artifacts for future generations to enjoy.