New Jersey World War II Memorial |
New Jersey World War II Memorial
New Jersey World War II Memorial

New Jersey World War II Memorial

136-140 W. State St.
Across from the NJ Statehouse
Trenton, NJ 08625

Property Description

Trenton's World War II Memorial pays tribute to the greatest military victory for the United States. It was an effort in which every citizen contributed and had a stake in the outcome, both on the front lines and at home. The WWII Memorial unfolds around the overall theme of "Victory," with three core ideas, which are analogous to the WWII Generation: Service, Duty and Sacrifice. The central sculptural element, named "Lady Victory" symbolically encompasses the greatness of this effort and the grace and courage of the WWII generation. Victory was the end goal and an image that was used to promote the war effort on posters, campaigns, events and news releases. Encircling Lady Victory are six service markers and two arcing story walls that represents the six branches of the military and the respective New Jersey Medal of Honor recipients. The story walls strive to communicate the war effort both at home and abroad in terms of technology, communication and New Jersey's contribution with stories told by local veterans. Located along an outer circle are battle scenes from the Atlantic and Pacific theatres. An amphitheater with seat-walls allows for reflection and individual interpretive kiosks serve to broaden the visitor experience and understanding. The memorial is located across the street from the New Jersey Statehouse, 125 W. State St.


General Information:

  • Free admission