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    The Old Barracks was built in 1758 by the Colony of New Jersey during the French and Indian War as quarters for British regulars. In 1776 it stood witness to the Battle of Trenton, the turning point of the American Revolution. In 1902 it was purchased by a small group of patriotic women who founded the Old Barracks Association and re-opened the building as the Old Barracks Museum in October of 1903. In 1914, the building was given to the State of New Jersey to maintain its upkeep, supported by the Old Barracks Association and a unique combination of public, private and personal funding. Today, the Old Barracks serves as an educational center for Colonial and American history and stands as the last remaining structure of its kind. The Old Barracks staff provides tours and interpretations of American colonial life. The building offers a museum of artifacts and weapons, as well as a gift shop. The Old Barracks is a State and National Landmark located in Trenton, New Jersey.

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