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Sterling Hill Mining Museum

30 Plant St. Ogdensburg, NJ 07439

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Come take a 1/4 mile walking adventure into the fourth oldest mine in the country and the last working underground mine in New Jersey. See for yourself the one and only fluorescent Rainbow Tunnel, Museum of Fluorescence and the most amazing collection of fluorescent minerals anywhere on earth. Most everything man made has something to do with mining.

At the Sterling Hill Mining Museum well show you just how it's done. From drilling and blasting to the processing of the ore. Right here in NJ is one of the worlds richest zinc ore deposits, the area boasts more than 354 minerals, about 88 of which fluoresce. That's about 10 percent of the known minerals in the world right here in NJ. As well as the best fluorescent mineral deposit in the world. Sterling Hill Mine is a National Historic Site and not-for-profit educational foundation. You can collect minerals, including fluorescence yourself any day the museum is open. Also available is our Rock & Fossil Discovery Center's.



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