Kittatinny Valley State Park

199 Goodale Rd.
Newton, NJ 07821
  • Overview

    Glacial lakes, limestone outcroppings, former railroads and a small airport are features of Kittatinny Valley State Park. Lake Aeroflex and Gardner's Pond form part of the headwaters of the Pequest River and are excellent for fishing and boating. This scenic property is home to a variety of wildlife such as whitetail deer, wild turkey, a variety of songbirds, beaver, muskrats and squirrels. Hunting, hiking, mountain biking, birding and horseback riding are popular activities. The four lakes offer fishing, boating and kayaking opportunities. The Paulinskill Valley Trail and the Sussex Branch Trail are former railroads that have been converted for use as multiple use trails. Both railroads were critical to the development of Sussex County through the late 1800's and early 1900's. The wide cinder surface is ideal for walking, running, mountain biking and horseback riding. When snow conditions are abundant, these trails provide and excellent opportunity for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. You might even see a musher and his dogsled team running down the trail.

  • Amenities

    • Free Admission
    • Fishing
    • Canoeing & Kayaking
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