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Man The Cannons
Man The Cannons

Pirate Adventures Jersey Shore

281 Princeton Ave. Brick, NJ 08724

Property Description

Come sail with Jersey Shore Pirates as we bring the most unique form of family entertainment to the Jersey Shore. Bring your young pirates aboard the Sea Gypsy for a swashbuckling pirate adventure on the Metedeconk River. Your mini mates will have the opportunity to dress-up like pirates, get face painted with pirate tattoos and learn some pirate lingo before setting sail on an hour and fifteen minute long action packed adventure. Once on board, the mates will participate in an interactive treasure hunt on the high seas. Prepare to man our famous water cannons to win back the keys from our nemesis Pirate Pete! The mates will use all of their might to hoist the treasure from the seas below onto the Sea Gypsy. Their reward: each child takes with them a handful of loot and a lifetime of authentic pirate tales to tell.