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Descendants Brewing Company

61 Bridge St. Milford, NJ 08848

Property Description

The Descendants Brewing Company has three distinct dining areas. The main dining area is housed in the original 1860s portion of the building. Here, one can enjoy the original exposed brick wall, tin ceiling and numerous nautical curiosities ranging from ship blueprints on tabletops to benches removed from the original Staten Island ferry. The second dining area is adjacent to the brew house. Here one can gaze out the windows and enjoy creek-side views. On brewing days this area provides a front row seat to the brewing process. The final area known as "The Deck" is a cosy area with large windows providing creek side views for tabels of two and four. The tables in this area were fashioned from ship hatch covers that likely came from World War II liberty ships. On Jan. 3rd, 1995, The Descendants Brewing Company was proud to become the first brewpub in New Jersey to brew beer since prohibition. Nestled in the scenic Delaware valley, The Descendants Brewing Company provides a comfortable, authentic atmosphere to enjoy the British Isle's renowned spirits, favorite foods and craft brewed ales. Whether dining at a creek side table or relaxing with a pint at the bar, The Descendants Brewing Company is a lively and festive anytime of the day and is the perfect place to gather with friends and meet new people.