May 14, 2022 Studio Art Show
May 14, 2022 Studio Art Show

Expressions of the Cosmos

Ed Belbruno Art Studio
44 Park Pl. Princeton, NJ 08542

Event Description

Art Exhibit by Edward Belbruno, artist and mathematician. Ed will be showing his latest art on the cosmos. In the NASA Smithsonian collection, his pieces have landscapes and views of the heavens. Jacob Okada, Carylana Taylor, and Adam Marrow completed a documentary, "Painting the Way to the Moon," on his art and math.

Ed's NASA consulting work led to applying his math discoveries on missions like Galileo, Magellan, Cassini, Ulysses, and Mars Observer. As a researcher at Princeton University, he wrote papers on the beginnings of the universe, and astrophysics. A professor at Yeshiva University, he wrote papers on dark matter with former NASA Chief Scientist, James Green, Ph.D. Germany recognized his lifetime of mathematics research and teaching by giving him the Humboldt Award in 2018.

Please contact Ed Belbruno for advanced notice.