Guided Wine Tasting at Old York Cellars
Guided Wine Tasting at Old York Cellars


4-23-2022 to 1-1-2023
Dates & Times
7/2: 3:30pm7/3: 3:30pm7/9: 3:30pm7/10: 3:30pm7/16: 3:30pm7/17: 3:30pm7/23: 3:30pm7/24: 3:30pm7/30: 3:30pm7/31: 3:30pm8/6: 3:30pm8/7: 3:30pm8/13: 3:30pm8/14: 3:30pm8/20: 3:30pm8/21: 3:30pm8/27: 3:30pm8/28: 3:30pm9/3: 3:30pm9/4: 3:30pm9/10: 3:30pm9/11: 3:30pm9/17: 3:30pm9/18: 3:30pm9/24: 3:30pm9/25: 3:30pm10/1: 3:30pm10/2: 3:30pm10/8: 3:30pm10/9: 3:30pm10/15: 3:30pm10/16: 3:30pm10/22: 3:30pm10/23: 3:30pm10/29: 3:30pm10/30: 3:30pm11/5: 3:30pm11/6: 3:30pm11/12: 3:30pm11/13: 3:30pm11/19: 3:30pm11/20: 3:30pm11/26: 3:30pm11/27: 3:30pm12/3: 3:30pm12/4: 3:30pm12/10: 3:30pm12/11: 3:30pm12/17: 3:30pm12/18: 3:30pm12/24: 3:30pm12/25: 3:30pm12/31: 3:30pm1/1: 3:30pm
Old York Cellars Winery
Old York Cellars
80 Old York Rd.
Ringoes, NJ 08551

Event Description

Enjoy a more traditional Wine tasting experience next to our vines with one of our wine stewards. A Member of our team will taste through our Favorites tasting flight or a Sweet Wine tasting flight with you and your friends. Visit the website for the most up to date information and event times.