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Jaw Dropping World of Sharks Lecture Series

4-9-2022 to 12-10-2022
Dates & Times
7/9: 2:00pm8/13: 2:00pm9/10: 2:00pm10/8: 2:00pm11/12: 2:00pm12/10: 2:00pm
New Jersey State Museum
205 W. State St. Trenton, NJ 08625

Event Description

Join us for a series of talks by experts as we explore sharks - from ancient history to modern conservation. Lectures take place the second Saturday of each month. Three of the talks will be in-person in the Museum, all will be live-streamed on the Museum's Facebook page. The series is in conjunction with the exhibition "Jaw Dropping World of Sharks" on view in the Museum through Jan. 8, 2023.

April 9 - Life and Times of Megalodon (in-person)
May 14 - Shark Encounters and How to Avoid Them
June 11 - Why Everything You Know About Shark Conservation is Wrong
July 9 - 12 Days of Terror - 1916 Shark Attacks Along the Jersey Shore (in-person)
August 13 - NOAA Prohibitions on Coastal Sharks of New Jersey
September 10 - Sharks & Recreation: Links Between Pop Culture & Shark Science
October 8 - Demystifying the Maneater & Jaws Mythos - White Shark research off South Africa & Guadalupe Island (in-person)
November 12 - Megalodon: Evolution, Body Size & Extinction
December 10 - Guitarfishes from Rocks of All Ages