Wine Cabanas in the Vineyard at Old York Cellars
Wine Cabanas in the Vineyard at Old York Cellars


4-15-2022 to 12-31-2022
Dates & Times
7/1: 11:30am7/2: 11:30am7/3: 11:30am7/8: 11:30am7/9: 11:30am7/10: 11:30am7/15: 11:30am7/16: 11:30am7/17: 11:30am7/22: 11:30am7/23: 11:30am7/24: 11:30am7/29: 11:30am7/30: 11:30am7/31: 11:30am8/5: 11:30am8/6: 11:30am8/7: 11:30am8/12: 11:30am8/13: 11:30am8/14: 11:30am8/19: 11:30am8/20: 11:30am8/21: 11:30am8/26: 11:30am8/27: 11:30am8/28: 11:30am9/2: 11:30am9/3: 11:30am9/4: 11:30am9/9: 11:30am9/10: 11:30am9/11: 11:30am9/16: 11:30am9/17: 11:30am9/18: 11:30am9/23: 11:30am9/24: 11:30am9/25: 11:30am9/30: 11:30am10/1: 11:30am10/2: 11:30am10/7: 11:30am10/8: 11:30am10/9: 11:30am10/14: 11:30am10/15: 11:30am10/16: 11:30am10/21: 11:30am10/22: 11:30am10/23: 11:30am10/28: 11:30am10/29: 11:30am10/30: 11:30am11/4: 11:30am11/5: 11:30am11/6: 11:30am11/11: 11:30am11/12: 11:30am11/13: 11:30am11/18: 11:30am11/19: 11:30am11/20: 11:30am11/25: 11:30am11/26: 11:30am11/27: 11:30am12/2: 11:30am12/3: 11:30am12/4: 11:30am12/9: 11:30am12/10: 11:30am12/11: 11:30am12/16: 11:30am12/17: 11:30am12/18: 11:30am12/23: 11:30am12/24: 11:30am12/25: 11:30am12/30: 11:30am12/31: 11:30am
Old York Cellars Winery
Old York Cellars
80 Old York Rd.
Ringoes, NJ 08551

Event Description

Enjoy your Weekend Cabana Winery Experience at Old York Cellars in one of our comfortably furnished Wine Cabanas. Take in the vineyard views while lounging in comfort and sipping on your favorite wines and enjoying delicious food. Maximum seating of 6 people. Please dress warm for the cooler weather and bring along a cozy blanket if you would like. Winery Food Menu Available.