Thomas Edison Center at Menlo Park & Edison Memorial Tower

37 Christie St. Edison, NJ 08820

Property Description

Marks the spot where the light bulb was perfected. Birthplace of recorded sound and organized research. Exhibit of Edison memorabilia. Open Thurs. - Sat., 10 am - 4 pm. Thomas Alva Edison was the world's greatest inventor who lived and worked at Menlo Park from 1876 to 1882. During those years, he worked on technology that changed our world and everyday lives. It was at Menlo Park that Thomas Edison: - Established the world's first organized research and development laboratory - Invented the carbon button transmitter, which made the telephone practical - Invented the phonograph, giving birth to recorded sound - Created and tested the first practical incandescent lamp - Developed a complete system for generating and distributing electric current - Constructed the first electric railroad in the United States - Developed a system for telegraphy by wireless induction between moving trains and railway stations Future Plans - Our vision for the future of Menlo Park includes: - An exciting new educational facility devoted to Menlo Park’s significance as the site of the world’s first industrial research and development laboratory - Hands-on exhibits that teach about the invention process - A restored Edison Memorial Tower - On-going archaeological investigations - A rejuvenated Edison State Park - Community programs that both educate about Edison and stimulates future innovation