Crossroads Theatre Company

11 Livingston Ave. New Brunswick, NJ 08901

Property Description

Crossroads Theatre Company, recipient of the 1999 Tony Award for Outstanding Regional Theatre in the United States, is the nation's premiere African American theater. Crossroads is the first African American theater to receive this honor in the 33-year history of this special award category. The Crossroads Theatre Company is dedicated to creating and producing professional theatre of the highest standards of artistic excellence that celebrates the culture, history, spirit and voices of the entire African Diasporapresents. The company is committed to honest and positive portrayals of people of color from around the world provides a nurturing working environment for writers and artistic collaborators through supporting the commissioning, development, presentation and documentation of new scripts. The company uses art to provoke and challenge a multicultural audience to a higher sense of communioneducates audiences by creating bridges of understanding between people of all cultural backgrounds in this society and the world. Call or visit website for performance information.