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    At Beyond the Plate Food Tours, let our local friendly guides help you discover the stories beyond the plate, while indulging in generous food and alcohol pairings through four of the best places to eat and drink. COME HUNGRY!

    More than just a tasting, each tour showcases four of the most delicious, crowd-pleasing and unique places in town. As we're seated around the table, you'll get one-on-one exclusive access to chefs and owners, walking from one tasting location to the next, sprinkled with bits of art, culture, history. Public food tours offered weekly in Jersey City (unless bought out by a private event), and monthly in Red Bank, Somerville and Princeton. We promise New Jersey is more than just bridges and tunnels. Private, custom and corporate events available all days of the week! Contact us for a consultation. Public tour pricing: $89/person.

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