Veterans Memorial

Monmouth St. & Drummond Pl.
Red Bank, NJ 07701
  • Overview

    This monument contains two men that were Red Bank veterans. The fill-length figures of soldiers stand atop a tiered granite base. In the center, on the highest level of the base, is a full-length portrait of Henry M. Nevius. He wears a Civil War uniform including a long coat and hat. In his hands, he holds an American flag which is draped over a flagpole.
    On his right is a figure of an unknown Spanish-American War soldier. He is dressed in uniform and hold a rifle in his right hand. The butt of the gun rests on the ground. His left hand is held up toward the center figure, palms cuffed.
    The third figure stands on a pedestal at the left at the same height as the Spanish-American War figure. The third figure is a portrait of Major Peter P. Rafferty. He wears a World War I uniform and holds the barrel of a rifle in his left hand. The three plaques on the front of the base have bas-relief eagles at the top of each plaque.
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