New Jersey: Meetings Made Easy

New Jersey has been a popular meeting destination among savvy meeting planners for years. The Garden State’s convention scene has become even more active in recent years however, with thousands of local and out-of-town attendees visiting New Jersey to take part in hundreds of successful meetings.

So what is it about New Jersey that has more and more planners holding their events there? To find out, we took a look at the amenities and offerings that make New Jersey a popular meeting destination.

Atlantic City and the summer beach scene might be two of the first things to come to mind when a non-local thinks of New Jersey. In addition to the world-class entertainment and stunning beaches, there are plenty of business-oriented amenities to enjoy as well. The Garden State truly has a wealth of attractions to offer.

Confidence in the meeting venue is one of the most important factors in selecting your meeting site. New Jersey has a wide range of diverse venues to fit any event, from large exposition centers to unique boutique hotels. High-profile conventions, world-class concerts and nationally televised sports events all take place in New Jersey’s convention centers every year; you can be sure they’ll be prepared to host your conference. New boutique properties with highly trained staff, like the Water Club in Atlantic City or the exclusive Grand Cascades Resort offer ideal spots for corporate retreats.

Another critical factor for a successful meeting is ease of attendance. Five international airports service New Jersey, putting all of the state’s popular meeting venues within easy reach of out-of-town attendees. An efficient public transportation system ensures a smooth transition from airport to hotel and back.

We all know that people traveling on business like to blow off a little steam from time to time. New Jersey offers more than 140 golf courses, 130 miles of picturesque beaches and a wealth of world-class dining and shopping options—something to fit everyone’s idea of fun.

In light of all of these great offerings, we recommend considering New Jersey for your next event. After all, there’s a reason it’s become an ideal destination for so many meeting planners.