New Jersey's World Class Fishing - Not a World Away!

Awesome fishing is just little more than a line’s cast away along the banks of New Jersey’s coast.

Less than a tank of gas and under three hours away from the New York metro area (and just two hours from the Philadelphia area!), anglers have access to some of the best saltwater fishing in the world. No need for a passport, time wasted in an airport and a huge travel expense—there is a bounty of fish to catch, plus a family-oriented beach resort environment to enjoy, along New Jersey's 130-mile coast.


The state offers an amazing variety of fishing options due to its strategic location. Situated halfway between the equator and the North Pole, New Jersey lies within a humid subtropical climate zone boasting temperate waters. Many anglers fish New Jersey waters in their own boats, but there are numerous charter boat fleets up and down the coast.


Looking to reel in a record-breaker? According to the International Game Fish Association, New Jersey's waters boast their fair share of huge fish. Have a craving for cod? It’s always open season! March through December, the state is a striped bass hotspot. Summer finds the waters filled with fluke, bluefish, croakers and sea bass that provide steady action with occasional surprises like Spanish mackerel and cobia. Mahi mahi can be caught here mid-summer to mid-fall. 


Tuna and sharks offer a chance to hook up with fish that can exceed 200 lbs. One bluefin tuna caught off New Jersey weighed more than 1,000 pounds, according to NJ's Division of Fish & Wildlife's records. Read up on these federal rules and regulations for recreational anglers before fishing for sharks.


Marvelous Marlin: A blue marlin that exceeded 1,000 pounds was caught, tagged and released at Hudson Canyon. Three billfish species—blue and white marlin and swordfish—are commonly reeled in from New Jersey’s deep offshore waters during the summer and early fall.


New Jersey also has the luxury of a complex bay system along its coastline. These bodies of water offer a big opportunity for fishing smaller versions of species that are generally found in the ocean. Plus, there are a great number of inland lakes and rivers that provide angling opportunities. Bay fishing and crabbing with the kids can make for an exciting family adventure. What can you reel in? How do fluke, weakfish, black drum, bluefish, blowfish and striped bass sound?


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