How to Get a Tourism Business Listed

Getting your Tourism Business Listed on is simple!

The purpose of the New Jersey Division of Travel and Tourism website is to promote the State as a destination for travelers all over the world. This is achieved by including tourism related information about cities and towns, attractions, hotels and lodging, articles and events on the website.

Tourism Business and Organization Listing

Placing a tourism listing on Division of Travel and Tourism’s website is provided as a free service. Tourism listings will be added that meet the following criteria:

  • Business or organization must be based in New Jersey and/or service promotes New Jersey tourism industry.
  • Business or organization must provide a service that directly benefits the traveling public.
  • Hotels & Lodging listings will include hotels, motels, bed & breakfast, inns and campgrounds.
  • Restaurants will be accepted if they provide a unique service that attracts tourism.

All submissions will be reviewed by the Division of Travel and Tourism to determine that the business or organization meets the criteria and is related to the tourism industry. The Division of Travel and Tourism reserves the right to edit, modify, restrict or remove listings at any time without notification.

Required Information to Submit a Tourism Business Listing

  1. A tourism business listing must be submitted by email to:
  2. Name of business listing.
  3. Business listing physical address.
  4. Public contact phone number for additional information (email if available, but not mandatory).
  5. Business listing website if available.
  6. A brief description of the services offered by the business.
  7. Contact name, phone number and email for website administrator’s use only to create your user account, which will be sent to you.
  8. Photos and videos can be uploaded once the listing is created by the Division of Travel and Tourism, we recommend you upload at least one photo for the website.

Disclaimer for Usage

The Tourism Listings are provided as a free service to New Jersey residents, tourism businesses and organizations. Though the Division of Travel & Tourism moderates the posting of acceptable listings on the website, it does not constitute an endorsement by The State of New Jersey, Department of State and Division of Travel & Tourism. If an entry includes a third party website, the State of New Jersey does not control the content or operation of that website and cannot guarantee neither the authenticity, accuracy, nor security of the link, website or content linked thereto and we will remove if not appropriate for our website. The State of New Jersey urges you to exercise caution when accessing any unfamiliar website.