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Thanks for your interest in partnering with The New Jersey Division of Travel and Tourism to promote your tourism-ready business and events! Follow the steps below to ensure your listing is competitive and engaging when it’s submitted. Once you complete your listing, we’ll get it live on and have content to use in our marketing and communication plans. And this service is free.

Get Your Tourism Business Listed on

Tourism businesses or organizations must be based in New Jersey and/or service promotes New Jersey tourism industry and provides a service that directly benefits the traveling public. Submissions/applicants will be reviewed by internal staff and must meet qualification standards of the New Jersey Division of Travel and Tourism (NJTT). From time to time, we may wish to contact you with marketing information and updates about NJTT activities and state tourism topics via email. For more information on how we collect and use your information, see our privacy policy. NJTT works to review and post “approved” Business Listing within 10 business days of submission. NJTT reserves the right to edit, modify, restrict or remove listings at any time without notification.

Types of Listings to Submit

  • Accommodation listings include resorts, hotels, motels, bed & breakfast, inns and campgrounds.
  • Restaurants will be accepted if they provide a unique experience/service that attracts tourism to New Jersey; big box chains will not be accepted.

Steps to Apply for a Business Listing

Email Marketing a tourism business listing that includes the following, while also indicating the name and contact information for the primary person responsible for managing updates and content outreach.

  • Name of business listing; name should also be consistent with that found in Google, etc.
  • Business listing physical address.
  • Public contact phone number & email.
  • Business listing website/URL.
  • One hero image of your business [image can NOT contain words or graphics]. Additional photos and videos can be uploaded once the listing is created by the Division of Travel and Tourism.
  • A detailed description of the services offered by the business. Things to include in your description: 
    • Intro of 185 words minimum preferred. First sentence can be no longer than 160 characters with spaces as it will serve as the meta description. Must be a complete sentence, written in proper grammar according to AP Style. The intro should also include the name of your property and where you are located.
    • Body [select up to 3 of the options below to create a bullet list or roughly 25 words for each key point that best represents your brand and gives readers the inside scoop.]
      • What You’ll Love
      • Must-Try Foodie Favorites
      • Insider’s Tip
      • What To Know Before You Go
      • Top-Rated Drinks
      • Accolades
      • Why Meet Here
      • Live / Dine Like a Local
      • Make the Most of Your Visit
      • Decadent Desserts
      • Recent Projects
    • Parking Info [if applicable, please describe in sentence structure if parking is on-site, free, nearby, etc. Someone unfamiliar with the area will want to know how to park at your business.]
    • Tickets & Hours [if applicable, please describe in sentence structure how to purchase tickets; please embed a link to tickets if available online in the contact section.]
    • WOW Moment [submit 25 words or so, share a WOW moment that can be experienced at your property.] 
      • Example 1: Feel the rush of adrenaline as you watch world-class cyclists take the last turn, cowbells signaling, all while under the lights. 
    • Meeting Space [if applicable, submit 75 words or fewer for each of the different meeting spaces available for use.] 
    • Group Info [if applicable, submit 75 words or fewer as to what constitutes a group for discounts; include what is offered for group bookings and any additional information.]

Disclaimer for Usage Tourism Listings are provided as a free service to New Jersey residents, tourism businesses and organizations. Though the Division of Travel & Tourism moderates the posting of acceptable listings on the website, it does not constitute an endorsement by The State of New Jersey, Department of State and Division of Travel & Tourism. If an entry includes a third party website, the State of New Jersey does not control the content or operation of that website and cannot guarantee neither the authenticity, accuracy, nor security of the link, website or content linked thereto and we will remove if not appropriate for our website. The State of New Jersey urges you to exercise caution when accessing any unfamiliar website.