Bountiful Seafood Catches

Seafood lovers and fishers alike delight in New Jersey’s daily bounty of some of the freshest catches along the Eastern Seaboard. While the commercial fishing industry is a powerful part of the state's economy, supplying restaurants and retailers across the region, sportsmen will have no trouble finding charters located in marinas all along the coast to try their luck at hauling in a bountiful catch.

At the southern end of New Jersey, Cape May and The Wildwoods boast the largest commercial fishing ports in the state—and amongst the largest on the entire East Coast. These two ports are home to some of the biggest vessels fishing off the Atlantic coast. Major Cape May and Wildwoods fisheries mainly harvest scallops, summer flounder, black sea bass, ocean quahog and lobster, among others. 

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In Atlantic City's Marina District, the commercial fishing fleet focuses almost exclusively on surf and ocean clams. Massive 70-foot to 150-foot vessels haul in the vast majority of the world's supply of minced clams and clam strips. 

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The commercial docks at Barnegat Light, on the northern end of Long Beach Island, service a diverse fleet. There, you’ll find everything from local day boats to long-hauling "longliners" that are able to catch massive species like tuna and swordfish from the depths. Although this port may best be known for bringing the “poor man’s lobster” (tilefish) to the masses going back to the 1970s. 

For seafoodies who would like to take a peek behind the commercial fishing curtain, Viking Village, also located in Barnegat Light, offers free Dock Tours in the summer season. Visitors will see the boats and facility under normal operations, along with a fresh display of seafood products.

If you thought Point Pleasant Beach was only about boardwalk and beach days, you’ve missed the boat. This popular vacation destination also boasts some of the best fishing around—thanks to the confluence of water flowing from the Hudson, Delaware and Manasquan Rivers, and even the Gulf Stream.

Further north, Sandy Hook is a known hotspot for trophy catches. Many fishers like to hit “The Rip”—where the Atlantic Ocean meets the bay—to hook striped bass, bluefish, fluke, weakfish and blackfish—all depending on the season.

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