Trenton Battle Monument

348 N. Warren & Broad Sts. Trenton, NJ 08625

Property Description

The Trenton battle monument commemorates the American victory at the first Battle of Trenton, NJ, which occurred on Dec. 26, 1776. It is located in an area of the city known as Five Points. It was here, at the intersection of North Broad St., Warren St. and Brunswick, Pennington and Princeton Aves., that the American artillery was placed. From this vantage point, the artillery dominated the streets of Trenton, preventing the Hessian troops from organizing an effective counter attack. The victory at Trenton was a strategic, as well as a military success. It also served to boost the morale of a dwindling and dispirited Continental Army and to galvanize the resolve of those Americans who still believed in America's war for independence. The significance of the patriots victory at Trenton was not forgotten in the ensuing years. Three years after the battle, Colonial secretary of state for King George III, Lord Germain, told Parliament " all our hopes were blasted by that unhappy affair at Trenton."


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